The Shadow Seeker deck

Shadow Seeker shadow work deck inspired by Carl Jung contains thoughtfully-written exercises to help you explore your subconscious and nurture self-acceptance
"I just completed one of the cards. Wow, just the questions asked helped me see just how hurt I am. This allows me to heal. I'll use these in conjunction with therapy. Thank you. I use it intuitively and it's spot on. I needed to release."
— Yakira
"These cards are much like a workbook, to help you with your shadow work, personality disorders and trauma! I’m excited to work with these cards and better understand my own psyche."
— Tiffa
"I absolutely love my purchase! The decks themselves are gorgeous, made from a really nice and sturdy cardstock material that feels good when you hold it. I can tell that I'm going to be spending many hours with these decks, reading and writing and reflecting. All three decks come in their own plastic boxes to protect them, and everything is packaged in a beautiful and protective box. Even the business card is beautiful! I couldn't help but notice the shimmering gold font and the smoothness of it. A really lovely shop - if you've been eyeing these decks, you won't regret purchasing them!"
— Dina

The Chrysalis Breaker deck

Chrysalis Breaker, a healing card deck for people pleasers, perfectionists, and codependents-in-recovery. Vox Intra card decks are designed to empower you to understand yourself and nurture your emotional and mental health.


"I have both this deck and the Shadow deck. I'm a licensed mental health professional and I occasionally use the exercises from the decks with my clients. Although the creator is not a mental health professional, all the exercises are legitimately and solidly theory-based, and some have even been scientifically studied. Many are standard therapeutic interventions, and others are good spins on therapy interventions."
— Melissa, LMFT

The Heart Mender deck

Heart Mender breakup divorce and self-love healing card deck by Vox Intra


"I purchased the Vox Intra Heart Mender deck expecting a lot of feel-good quotes and fluff, but found solid framework and action steps towards self-care and preservation."
— Ashleigh
"I find a quiet place and read a Heart Mender card in the morning. Each card is a precious gift. Like a warm reminder, these cards gently nod me into the direction of healing. I use these not bc if a breakup but, for my recent diagnosis of functional neurological disorder. It came out of now where - kind of like a break up - I was betrayed. This card deck has helped me work through the transition in my health."
— Jayia
Home Organizer Savannah from @getinspiredspaces uses Heart Mender cards as bookmarks. An absolutely genius way to incorporate them as gentle reminders throughout your space.