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Our best-selling deck is getting a big upgrade

Find out what's new in Shadow Seeker 2.0

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Shadow Seeker 2.0

Our best-selling deck is getting a BIG upgrade. We've been listening to your feedback and we're making your shadow work journey even more insightful and rewarding.
Shadow Seeker shadow work card deck and game

What's new in Shadow Seeker 2.0?


New "game mode"

An (optional) built-in "game mode" for those who want a structured approach to shadow work. Track progress, develop self-care habits, and uncover your unique Shadow Seeker Persona. Includes game piece, game mat, and 20 page booklet.


Not just journaling

32 topics and 90 prompts of various "types" (over 3x the original), from crafting to journaling to quiet reflection and more....For flexible approaches to different topics.


Quality upgrades

Heavier paper, bigger cards, and rounded edges for a comfortable feel in-hand. Comes in an eco-friendly paper tuck box.


Support system

A safe space Community Area on for deck users to discuss prompts, get support, and celebrate each other's journeys.

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"I've only had this a couple days, and I can already tell it's going to be so helpful for me. Thank you for putting in the work to create such an emotional, healing tool."


Past customer review

"I absolutely love my purchase! The decks themselves are gorgeous, made from a really nice and sturdy cardstock material that feels good when you hold it. I can tell that I'm going to be spending many hours with these decks, reading and writing and reflecting. A really lovely shop - if you've been eyeing these decks, you won't regret purchasing them!"


Past customer review

"I just completed one of the cards. Wow, just the questions asked helped me see just how hurt I am. This allows me to heal. I'll use these in conjunction with therapy. Thank you. I use it intuitively and it's spot on. I needed to release."


Past customer review

"Absolutely love the Shadow deck! This deck really brings to focus a part of us that is often pushed aside. I truly believe to fully live in harmony you have to face all aspects of yourself in life's journey. The insight and exercises illuminated in this deck helps to bring to light the less desirable parts of ourselves so that we may have a more holistic understanding and acceptance of who we are. Karolina has done an excellent job with the self paced guidance and challenging works these cards provide. Highly HIGHLY recommended!!"


Past customer review

Shadow Seeker is a shadow work deck and card game by Vox Intra
Shadow Seeker is a shadow work deck and card game by Vox Intra
Shadow Seeker is a shadow work deck and card game by Vox Intra
Shadow Seeker is a shadow work deck and card game by Vox Intra

Common Questions

What kind of topics does Shadow Seeker cover?

Envy, triggers, relationship patterns, emotional regulation, control issues, and family dynamics are just some of the topics covered in Shadow Seeker.

What is shadow work?

WHAT IS “THE SHADOW”? Psychologist Carl Jung theorized that we each have a Shadow — aspects of our personality that we try to repress, ignore, or deny. Studying and embracing your Shadow is commonly referred to as “shadow work”.

Why should I choose Shadow Seeker?

Shadow Seeker is light on fluff and filled with practical, insightful, and thoughtfully-designed prompts that are easy to understand. Whether you're new to shadow work or a seasoned pro, this deck helps you feel more authentic and empowered. The optional game mode also helps you develop healthy self-care habits and track progress as you work through the deck.

Would this be a good gift for someone?

Absolutely! It's the perfect gift for someone on a self-discovery journey. Shadow Seeker makes mental health and self-discovery fun. It's a wonderful resource. And with an optional "game mode", it can be enjoyed in different ways that'll appeal to anyone.

Who is the creator of Shadow Seeker?

Read more about the history and founder of Vox Intra here:

Who is the deck for?

Shadow Seeker is recommended for adults age 16 and up. It's also recommended that shadow work be addressed with the help of a mental health professional, as some of the topics may bring up difficult emotions.

Are other card decks available?

Yes! Read more about Vox Intra card decks here:

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