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Breathe Easy vapor rub stick

by Vox Intra

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Size: 30ml / 1oz

The Breathe Easy Vapor Stick is vegan, herbal, and nontoxic. A blend of soothing, energizing ingredients like eucalyptus and menthol.

Use this as you would a vapor rub salve. Apply to your chest or even under or around a stuffy nose to clear your sinuses, soothe raw skin, and relieve congestion.

Rub in gently if desired, and breathe deep! Also nice as an all-over body salve for minor body aches or joint pain.

The eco-friendly paper tube makes it easy to apply without mess and recycle when you're done. Push up from the bottom to get more product.

  • 🐰 Vegan and cruelty-free.
  • 🌿 Handmade in small batches for guaranteed freshness. Made with love in Dallas, Texas.

INGREDIENTS: candelilla wax, mango butter, vitamin E, argan oil, peppermint, camphor, menthol, eucalpytus.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is handmade with natural, non-toxic ingredients and thus is considered perishable after some time has passed. Please refer to our FAQ page for details regarding shelf life, storage, and any product use warnings.