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    Reviews from Practitioners

    Beautiful decks, so well thought out, and as a clinical psychologist, I approve!

    — Danielle S.

    My clinicians and clients LOVE these cards. Nicely done with good quality card stock.

    — Wendy E., LPC, NCC, CADCI

    It's hard finding products that are created by women, not on Amazon, created with a gender neutral, trauma conscious lens. All three of these card decks fit the bill.

    — Macala Rose, Macala Rose Wellness / Mindfulness Tools Co.

    ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! Each of these decks speak through its own voice. I will turn to these cards often. They were shipped quickly, packaged with care and arrived safely. Highest recommendations.

    — Tammy R., MA LPC

    I'm a licensed mental health professional and I occasionally use the exercises from the decks with my clients. Although the creator is not a mental health professional, all the exercises are legitimately and solidly theory-based, and some have even been scientifically studied. Many are standard therapuetic interventions, and others are good spins on therapy interventions. Highly recommend for both professionals and lay people.

    — Melissa W., LMFT

    These cards are great! I got them to use as journaling prompts for the client's homework. I started using the Chrysalis deck for journaling prompts for myself as a test run before using these with clients and I am really enjoying it.

    — Tifarah Q.