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Why are breakups so painful?
Feb 16, 2023
[6 Minute Read] Hello, friend. If you're here, I'm assuming it's because you're either 1)...
What's Shadow Work and is it Dangerous?
Jan 04, 2023
[6 Minute Read] Shadow work may sound frightening or intimidating, and people often wonder what...
125 Word Feelings List + How Identifying Feelings Can Improve Relationships
Mar 23, 2022
[4 Minute Read] When was the last time you paused to check your emotional temperature...
6 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Soothing for Emotional Regulation
Jan 31, 2022
[6 Minute Read] [Trigger warning: brief mention of substance abuse and self-harm] As a child,...
5 Tips for Getting Over a Breakup
Jan 03, 2022
[6 Minute Read] Breakups are hard. Beyond our obvious immediate hurt and sadness, they may...
4 Tips for Navigating Shadow Work
Jan 03, 2022

In analytical psychology, the “Shadow” is an unconscious aspect of the personality that has not been brought to awareness (such as destructive patterns). It may also refer to an individual’s subconscious as a whole. This kind of work — diving into the subconscious — is commonly referred to as shadow work. Let's explore 4 practical tips that will help you along your shadow work journey.

Cognitive Flexibility: What is it, and 3 Ways to Improve It
Jan 02, 2022
[4 Minute Read] Cognitive flexibility is the ability to adapt our thinking and behaviour in...
5 Ways to Deal with Unhealthy, Irrational Guilt
Jan 02, 2022
 [7 Minute Read] Guilt is a misunderstood, complicated emotion that can be deeply rooted in...

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