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Shadow Seeker 2.0

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"I've only had this a couple days, and I can already tell it's going to be so helpful for me. Thank you for putting in the work to create such an emotional, healing tool."

Product: Chrysalis Breaker deck

"The decks themselves are gorgeous, made from a really nice and sturdy cardstock material that feels good when you hold it. I can tell that I'm going to be spending many hours with these decks, reading and writing and reflecting."

Product: 3 Deck Bundle

"Wow, just the questions asked helped me see just how hurt I am. This allows me to heal. I'll use these in conjunction with therapy. Thank you. I use it intuitively and it's spot on. I needed to release."

Product: Shadow Seeker deck

"I love these cards. they will help me on my journey of healing and self love. thank you so much."

Product: 3 Deck Bundle
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Self-care Essentials

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Nocturnum soothing slumber mist is made with essential oils and intentions for restorative sleep
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Goods for body + mind

We want to take care of you, inside and out, with self-care essentials and therapeutic tools like card decks that encourage self-discovery.

Vegan + cruelty-free

True to our dedication to wellness, our bath and body goods are vegan and made with carefully selected ingredients.

Heart of Texas

Proudly female-owned and run. We lovingly create our goods in small batches in the heart of Texas.