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About Vox Intra

Hello! My name is Karolina and I'm the founder of Vox Intra.

Loosely translated, Vox Intra means "the voice inside" or "inner voice" in Latin. It's a tribute to the self: self-love, self-care, and being in tune with your own voice and spirit.

Being from Poland, I come from a culture that has roots in old world healing remedies using ingredients from the natural world. Many people don't know that Slavs have a very rich history of old world remedies, pagan beliefs, a polytheistic pantheon, folklore, and a myriad of ritualistic traditions predating the introduction of Christianity.

Inspired by this, I decided to use my hands to create body products that had practical applications, like lotion bars to soothe sore muscles, and salt soaks with antimicrobial properties. Blending together natural ingredients left me feeling grounded, centered, and connected to my Slavic roots. I felt as though I was doing something deeply connected to my own nature.

A short while later, I got divorced and started a painful and rewarding healing journey inward. I had miserably battled codependency for most of my life, not even knowing what it was until this moment. For years I was unknowingly fighting myself and my right to respect, love, and kindness. I started therapy and faced unresolved traumas big and small, healing some very old wounds. Slowly, everything in my life began to change and my focus in my business shifted as well.


I finally knew my true mission.

"I want people to look inside themselves and know that, no matter what you may find there, it's ok. You're safe."


I started creating products with a purpose of self-love, exploration, healing, and understanding.

The first deck I created was the Heart Mender. It's a break-up deck to help process feelings of abandonment, rejection, and loss, and to nurture a healthy relationship with yourself. I had never known love to be anything other than conditional. I had to teach myself that it can be beautiful, secure, and warm...And it starts with the relationship you have with your self.

Mental health and the mind is my passion. I use the knowledge I've gained to make my products as effective as they can possibly be. I want to share the lessons I've learned and empower others to look within themselves with compassion.

You are strong enough to come out the other side feeling more loved and whole than ever before.

My wish is for Vox Intra to act as a gateway for people to access their curiousity about themselves and their mental health; to jump-start their inner work and their own healing journeys.


Founder / Vox Intra



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