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Common Questions

Vox Intra decks explain information simply. They're filled with practical healing exercises and therapeutic activities. They make mental health self-care more accessible for those who may not be ready for therapy, but are ready to explore their mental health. Decks also include "starting cards", designed to give you a place to begin.

Features Speacial

Vox Intra healing card deck for shadow work

Insightful topics

Different types of prompts

Manufactured in the USA

Flexible and sturdy cardstock

Inspiring, detailed artwork

Star Cards give you a place to start

Tackle any challenge

Breakups? People-pleasing? Boundaries? Shame? Our card decks tackle life's real challenges to help you process, get to know yourself, build confidence, and heal.

Practical and insightful

The exercises in our decks are legitimately and solidly theory-based. Many are standard therapeutic interventions, and others are good "spins" on therapy interventions. Healing decks also contain "starting cards", designed to give you a place to begin your work.

Find your Inner Voice

Different things work for different people. From journaling to crafting to quiet reflection, our card decks offer a variety of approaches for each topic, all gently and mindfully written and appropriate for any identity or orientation.

Eco-friendly packaging

Our decks are packaged in beautifully designed paper boxes, and all our of products ship free of plastic materials.

Supporting other small businesses

Our cards, packaging, and components (like game pieces) are all sourced from USA-printers and crafters.

But most importantly...

The most important thing I want to convey is that each deck is designed by a real person, someone who has been on (and is still on) a journey probably very similar to yours: Me! I care about you and your struggles. I want you to succeed and to know that you're not alone. Everything I create is designed to educate you and lift you up, and I'm proud that Vox Intra can be part of your journey.



"This deck really brings to focus a part of us that is often pushed aside. I truly believe to fully live in harmony you have to face all aspects of yourself in life's journey. The insight and exercises illuminated in this deck helps to bring to light the less desirable parts of ourselves so that we may have a more holistic understanding and acceptance of who we are. Karolina has done an excellent job with the self paced guidance and challenging works these cards provide."


Product: Shadow Seeker

"Each card is a precious gift. I find a quiet place and read a Heart Mender card in the morning. Like a warm a reminder, these cards gently nod me into the direction of healing. I use these not bc if a breakup but for a health issue. It came out of now where-Kind of like a break up- I was betrayed. This card deck has helped me work through the transition in my health."


Product: Heart Mender

"I purchased the Vox Intra Heart Mender deck expecting a lot of feel-good quotes and fluff, but found solid framework and action steps towards self-care and preservation."


Deck: Heart Mender

"I literally opened this package 10 minutes ago and the cards are STUNNING. I can see they were made with intention and love, and I am so excited to start working through them. They also came in a card holder which I love because now I can keep all the cards together neatly. Thanks so much!!"


Product: Shadow Seeker

"I love the Shadow Seeker deck! This deck is such a great tool that can be used again and again, to check back in on how you're doing and feeling even after you’ve 'done the work'."


Product: Shadow Seeker

"I've only had this a couple days, and I can already tell it's going to be so helpful for me. Thank you for putting in the work to create such an emotional, healing tool."


Product: Chrysalis Breaker

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