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Minis | Fuck It Minis card deck

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Introducing a new line of Vox Intra card decks - Minis™, in your new favorite flavor: Fvck It.

Delightfully vulgar and aggressively self-compassionate, these little reminders are just what you need after a bad day.

This deck contains 30 cards of what I like to call “fvck it logic” - really just another term for radical acceptance of your very bad day and the sh!tty feelings around it.

Each card has a comical or uplifting affirmation or reflection that I've written to help you laugh, say “fvck it”, and find some peace.

They also help you move away from black-and-white (dichotomous) thinking, allowing you to see the shades of grey in life. There's not always just good or bad. A lot of life is about living with the in-betweens.

Why Fvck It Minis? One of the best realizations I came to at one point in my personal journey was that some days just suck, and that's ok. Sometimes you need a reminder that you have to stop fighting to make them "good". Let it go. Let the warmth of not giving a fvck wash over you.

Tomorrow is a new day. Today, you get to pull a card, chill the hell out, and say “fvck it”. 😃


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