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Heart Mender® breakup and self-love deck

by Vox Intra

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Explore Heart Mender below:

  • 29 cards, 40+ exercises.
  • Neutrally written and friendly for any orientation/gender identity.
  • Packaged in a matching paper hook box that beautifully unfolds.
  • Dimensions: 3.5x5"
  • Designed in Dallas and printed in California.
  • Thoughtful exercises guide the reader in processing the difficult feelings of the situation and nurturing a healthy relationship with yourself. Special "Heart cards" provide additional guidance and a specific starting point for your journey.

    Growing up, I had never known love to be anything other than conditional. I ended up very codependent and anxiously attached. After my divorce, I started therapy and later began to take psychology courses, with hopes of someday obtaining a secondary degree in art therapy or a psychology-related field. I had to teach myself that love can be beautiful, secure, and warm...And it starts with the quality of the relationship you have with yourself. That’s what the Heart Mender assists with. I poured every lesson I learned in that chapter of my life into this deck, such as the power of saying no, releasing and validating my feelings, basic mindfulness, attachment theory, and sitting with and regulating overwhelming emotions. Since then, I've grown so much in love, confidence, and trust in myself. That's why I named this shop "inner voice". These exercises have helped me to reconnect with who I am - someone who's amazing and deserving of love, respect, and kindness :)

    If you're in a place where your heart and body feel tired and you need to reconnect with yourself, this is the deck for you! Heart Mender makes a lovely gift for yourself or someone else going through a tough time, and it's not JUST for breakups. Most of the exercises in the deck are simply centered around self-care, self-respect, and gently getting to know yourself. This deck is sure to help you reconnect with You and nurture your relationship with yourself.

    The Heart Mender card deck is for anyone going through a tough breakup (or just feeling a sense of grief, loss, rejection, or abandonment). It provides a solid framework for self-care and preservation.

    And, it's not JUST for breakups. The deck was designed with healing from a breakup in mind, but lots of the exercises in the deck are simply centered around self-care and gently getting to know yourself. Heart Mender is more than just breakup recovery. It's a journey back to you.

    Share this deck with someone you love, or buy it as a gift to help heal your own heart.


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