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Chrysalis Breaker codependency and self-discovery card deck

by Vox Intra

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Explore Chrysalis Breaker below:

  • 30 cards with 30+ exercises
  • Special "Star cards" provide additional guidance and a specific starting point for your journey, so you're never lost.
  • Packaged in a matching paper hook box that beautifully unfolds.
  • Dimensions: 3.5x5"
  • Designed in Dallas and printed in California.
  • This is a deck of becoming. Exercises are designed to help you develop mindfulness, honor your boundaries, identify distorted thinking, and more. The overall goal is to help you nurture your independence, honor your emotions, and re-discover who you are so that you can live a more fulfilled, authentic life.
  • Your Self is who you are - your values, feelings, needs, thoughts, beliefs, boundaries. A poor sense of Self can "stunt" us in many ways in life, keeping us from living as our most authentic selves. A poor sense of Self can "stunt" us in many ways in life, keeping us from living as our most authentic selves. It may throw our naturally empathic, nurturing, or loving traits out of whack by pushing down our own deep need to receive love and affection. If you don't have a strong sense of Self, you may fuse your experiences with that of another person or situation, taking on their feelings, thoughts, and needs and using them to define your own, never actively filtering out the ones that don’t align with you. Or, you may disown things like feelings altogether and involuntarily dissociate (“numb out”), spending a lot of time feeling disconnected. You may feel like, unless you're completely alone, you don't really exist. You can't "get in touch" with your own needs and thoughts and feelings. Other people always come first. Your inner voice feels very, very quiet...Maybe totally silent.

    As a recovered codependent, there is nothing I am more intimately familiar with than the pain of a lost sense of Self. I've walked this road, too, my friend. My journey of "coming back to myself" was a long one, but the rewards were great. It started with a divorce that led to therapy, then studying psychology. Many, many lessons learned. I started to feel again. I reconnected with my body. I came back home to myself. I created this deck for others who can relate, to give them a sense of hope and a companion for their own journeys.

    If you have a hard time tapping into your own needs, inner voice, letting go of people pleasing, establishing healthy boundaries, and uncovering ways that your sense of Self was disrupted growing up, this deck is for you. It will help you discover what YOU want and need. Each card has contextual information to give you a better understanding of what it covers, but also practical exercises that will help you mindfully connect with yourself in everyday situations. It's impossible for one single tool to unravel everything and soothe every wounded feeling, but the Chrysalis Breaker was designed to help you "listen for your inner voice" and begin that journey. You'll learn ways to tune into your body, set boundaries, identify ways in which your development of a healthy sense of Self may have been disrupted, as well as strategies for how to heal those disruptions. This deck will especially resonate with perfectionists, people pleasers, excessive self-sacrificers/givers, or codependents-in-recovery. It's also beneficial for those recovering from narcissistic abuse, or any form of emotional abuse. It may also help individuals who experience aspects of Borderline Personality Disorder traits (a fear of being alone, a lack of a sense of Self, struggles with regulating emotions) or the influence of emotional neglect from childhood.

    There are few things more painful than a lost sense of Self. The Chrysalis Breaker card deck is for those who struggle with this as well as perfectionism, people-pleasing, or setting boundaries.

    This card deck is decorated with motifs of butterflies and cocoons, to symbolize a journey of transformation. This is a card deck of becoming. A reminder of your strength, beauty, and ability to transform into your true, authentic Self. This deck will help you discover what YOU want and need.

    Want a glimpse into the kind of work you'll be doing with this deck? Read How to Validate Yourself to Build Self-Trust and Mindfulness over on our blog.