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FATES Questions for Past, Present, or Future You (1-3 players)

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The FATES® deck is a unique tool for self-discovery or deepening relationships. Like the ancient Greek goddesses of Fate who spun the threads of destiny, this deck weaves a journey that takes you through your Past, Present, and your Future, with each card presenting a question that speaks to the You from that time.

Use it by yourself and treat the questions like journal prompts (with the matching blank journal) OR...

Play with others (up to 3 players total). Each player picks a Fate to represent and gets a unique "super power" that they can apply while playing to keep the game interesting!

Each question is thoughtfully written to spark your curiousity and encourage growth, sharing, and reflection. Reveal stories and details about yourself for deeper intimacy in your relationships. Take your self-discovery or friendship journey to the next level with the FATES® Deck.


• 30 cards with 30 thought-provoking questions for Past, Present, and Future You.
• Packaged in a matching paper hook box that beautifully unfolds.
• When playing with others, each player picks a Fate to represent and everyone asks each other their questions.
• Each Fate gets a unique "super power" that they can apply while playing to keep the game interesting!
• Dimensions: 3.5x5"
• Designed in Dallas, printed in California.


Cultivating meaningful, lasting friendships can be difficult, and intimacy is not just for romantic relationships. I know because I've personally seen just how much time and effort it takes to find "your people" and get to know them on a deeper level. Work, family responsibilities, stress, busy schedules, and other factors can make it hard to connect. I wanted this deck to be a simple-to-use tool to get people talking and connecting with each other! Share things you never have before and get to know the people in your life. Or, use the cards as journal prompts solo to reflect on in your own personal growth journey.


If you're looking for insightful journal prompts to help you get to know yourself better, this deck is for you. You can also use it with friends and ask each other the questions to get to know each other more closely. Questions are short, simple, and give you space to share as much - or as little - as you like. It makes a great self-exploration tool or a gift for a friend! Gifting them the FATES Deck shows you care. It's like saying "I think you're worth taking the time to get to know".


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