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This lavender filled eye pillow by SaidoniaEco can be warmed up or used cold and then applied over your eyes for instant stress relief and relaxation. Helps with headaches, stress and tension, eye strain after too much screen time, after the gym, to calm and reset an overactive mind. When used warm, it can help with symptoms of dry eye by gently melting and loosening any solidified oil in the glands.

  • 100% cotton exterior
  • Made in the USA
  • Natural ingredients
  • Padded with cotton flannel for a nice, soft feel

Directions for use: Use at room temperature or microwave briefly for approximately 20 seconds to provide warm soothing relief and diffuse organic lavender essential oil aromatherapy. Keep in the freezer as a cool therapy to help with muscle pain and puffy eyes.

Ingredients: Long grain rice, organic dried lavender buds and organic bulgarian lavender essential oil.

Care & use instructions: Spot clean as needed. To refresh scent, add lavender therapeutic oil to one or to all of the corners.

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Lily is the founder, owner and maker of all SaidoniaEco products, based out of Tampa, FL. "I create in small batches with all-natural and simple ingredients". She uses organic ingredients, quality fabrics, and unbleached cotton batting to create her elegant sleep masks and other rest-promoting accessories.


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