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A magical blend that will bring any dish to life, this smoky, sultry creation from the Curio Spice kitchen will cast a spell that livens up your meal.

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{Karolina here! I personally use this blend on everything - from chicken to avocado toast, or just sprinkling it into goat cheese with some olive oil to make a quick dip, or on roasted veggies. It takes your food to another level!}

Contains: Maine fine salt, maras chile (chile flakes, sunflower oil, salt), cayenne, smoked paprika, ground chipotle.

  • Tasting Notes: Smoke, heat, salt, sun dried tomato, sweet, roasted bell pepper, bright, tangy
  • Pairs Well With: Roasted summer squash, cocktails, eggs, avocado, beef
  • Try In: Magic Salt Chocolate Cookies, Grilled Skirt Steak with Magic SaltMagic Salt Butter
  • Special Tips: When making eggs or tofu, 'bloom' Magic Salt in butter or oil before adding the eggs/tofu. Alternatively, bloom the Magic Salt in oil/ghee/butter to drizzle over a dish before serving

Curio Spice Co is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and specializes in directly sourced spices, sourced locally from the Eastern US as well as from smallholder spice farms around the world. They pay above Fair Trade price – sometimes as much as ten times the commodity rate – for spices that burst with flavor. They also give back through fundraising efforts via the Curio for a Cause campaigns, which support gender equality, climate resilience and community empowerment. Curio Spice Co instills in every product a respect for the land and the farmers who grow our spices, alongside a sense of wonder for the rare flavors available to us.


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