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Nocturnum Soothing Slumber Mist

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Drift off to sleep with the calming scent of Nocturnum - an herbal pillow, linen and room spray made with essential oils and intentions for restorative sleep.

A blend of gentle notes such as lavender, mint, and eucalyptus will soothe your senses, enveloping your space in a scent that helps you relax before bed time and drift off.

Use it as part of a bedtime ritual to fight insomnia and restlessness. Keep it on your nightstand and give your room and pillow a spritz before bed. You'll feel like you're using a magical, dreamy sleep potion.


🌟 Details:
🌒 1 oz black matte glass "potion" bottle
🌓 Packaged in an eco-friendly, drawstring cotton pouch.
🌔 Adorned with a lovely, removeable brass moon charm.
🌕 Vegan, non-toxic ingredients. Scented with only essential oils.


Tip: Have a kiddo that has a hard time settling into a bedtime routine? A soft spray of Nocturnum (aka a "monster repellant”!) chases away the scary boogie men under the bed, helping to ease their minds and provide a soothing sensory experience (a note for use: allow them to smell it first, then start with 1 spritz and see if they enjoy it. Everyone is different; too many to start may be too stimulating rather than soothing.


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