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PROMETHEAN Travel Journal | Blank Lined Notebook

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A beautiful spiral bound notebook inspired by courage, defiance, intelligence, and hope. It is small and perfectly sized for travel.

Click "Product Story" to read about the inspiration behind the design - an ode to Prometheus, Pandora, and hope.

• Lined journal with 94 (47 double sided) pages
• Buttery smooth, semi-matte cover
• Dimensions: 5.5x7.25"


Prometheus tricked Zeus and stole fire from the gods, which he then gifted to humanity. Furious, Zeus punished him by chaining him to a boulder and sending an eagle to eat his constantly regenerating liver every day. Zeus also created the first woman (Pandora), and the gods bestowed upon her many gifts, including curiousity. She was then sent to humanity with a box full of evils. Curious as to its contents, she opened it and unleashed pain and suffering upon mankind. After all the evils flew out, there was one last thing inside the box...Hope.

Although interpretations of the nature of "hope" in the myth differ, it is, to me, a positive thing.

Even alongside suffering, struggle, or pain, there is always hope.


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